Users - managing your account

User responsibilities

When you are granted access to the Hoffman2 Cluster, you accept:

  1. Each person is allowed only one Hoffman2 Cluster user account. If you require access to mulitple research groups, please submit a request to add/join a secondary group via our online helpdesk.

  2. Hoffman2 Cluster user accounts are single user IDs and are not to be shared. If sharing is detected, your account will be disabled.

  3. All accounts on the Hoffman2 Cluster are governed by a set of Security Policies, which include UCLA Policy 401: Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices and UCLA Policy 404: Protection of Electronically Stored Personal Information. Please read and familiarize yourself with these UCLA and Hoffman2 Cluster policies.

  4. Personal information and other sensitive data, including statutory, regulatory, and contractually protected data - for example, human subjects research, restricted research, student and educational data, and personal health information (PHI) - are prohibited on the Hoffman2 Cluster.

  5. You are expected to keep your contact information current for cluster-wide communication. To do so, please login to Grid Identity Manager and update your Hoffman2 identity profile.

If you have any questions, please open a new support ticket via our helpdesk

Account expiration

Hoffman2 Cluster user accounts must be renewed annually by your sponsor, typically on the anniversary of the account’s creation date. Expired user accounts that are not renewed will be scheduled for deletion from the system, including any permanent data in their home and scratch directories. For more information, please see below Data retention.

Data retention

Data in your home directory never expires as long as your user account is active. If your access to the Hoffman2 Cluster is revoked by your sponsor or if your account expires, your account will be disabled and you will be given a grace period to find a new sponsor. After the grace period, your account will be removed from the system and any data on your home and scratch directories will be removed from the system. Please see the page, Storage for more details on the available cluster file systems.

If your sponsor has purchased additional project storage, any data on your sponsor’s purchased project directory will be transferred to your sponsor or their appointed delegate.

Password Processes

Retrieve your initial password

After your user account is created or your password reset, a temporary password is generated for you by the Grid Identity Manager (GIM). GIM will send you an email with a single-use link to retrieve it. If you failed to write down your initial password and no longer remember it, or if you need GIM to send you another one-time link with your temporary password, please initiate the request on GIM with:

Once you have received your initial cluster password, we recommend you change it to something more memorable. See Change your password.

Forgotten passwords

If you have never changed the temporary password that was sent to you by GIM please follow the procedure described in Retrieve your initial password.

If you have changed the temporary password, you will need to reset your cluster password. To do so:

Change your password

Upon connecting for the first time to the Hoffman2 Cluster you should change the temporary password that GIM generated. You should also change your password if you think its security may have been compromised. Here are the steps to change your password:

  1. Connect to the Hoffman2 Cluster as described in Connecting/Logging in

  2. At a shell prompt on a cluster node, enter:

$ /u/local/bin/passwd

Please adhere to the following rules when creating your password:

  • You cannot use your username or a significant portion of it in your password.

  • You need to have a minimum of 8 characters.

  • You need to have at least 5 unique (different) characters.

  • You need to have at least one character from 3 different character classes.

  • The character classes are: UPPERCASE CHARACTERS, lowercase characters, digits (0-9), and punctuation (( !#%&)(+*-,/.;=<?>@[ ]_^`{ }|~ )).

  • You do not have to additionally change your password on the compute nodes. It usually takes 10-20 minutes for your new password to propagate to all the cluster nodes.


You can refer to the web-page Choose a secure password to learn more about how to choose a good password.

Retrieve your cluster username

To receive a reminder of your cluster username via email, follow the link:

Request a new sponsor

To request a new sponsor, please update your profile and select your new sponsor from the pull-down list. After your new sponsor approves your request, we will need you logged out of the Hoffman2 Cluster and not running any jobs. We cannot have any open file handles.

Change your email address

To set your preferred email address for Hoffman2 Cluster correspondence, please update your profile:

Request membership to a secondary Unix group

To request access to a secondary Unix group, e.g. gaussian, please update your profile. If the secondary Unix group you are trying to join is not listed under your GIM profile, you will need to request access via our helpdesk