Research facilitationΒΆ

The experienced technologists in the High Performance Computing Group can offer additional technical guidance and support for your project. The group provides its expertise and support to empower scholars in their abilities to compute on high-end computer systems in a variety of areas.

Our research facilitation services include:

  • High performance computing
    • Distributed computing (multiple computing cores across multiple nodes)

    • Shared-memory computing (multiple cores on same node)

    • Data-intensive computing

    • High memory computing

  • Capacity computing
    • Many cores available to carry on works that would take too long to execute on personal computer

    • Execute concurrently multiple runs

  • Software
    • Licensed software (e.g., Abaqus, Ansys, MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, IDL, Intel Parallel Cluster Studio, NAG fortran compiler)

    • License software management (e.g., COMSOL, FTDT, etc.)

    • Setting up your H2 Cluster environment and software (e.g., installing compilers)

  • User support, collaboration, and training

For a research facilitation consultation, contact us through our technical support ticketing system