User account policyΒΆ

When you are granted access to the Hoffman2 Cluster, you accept:

  1. Each person is allowed only one Hoffman2 Cluster user account. If you require access to mulitple research groups, please submit a request to add/join a secondary group via our online helpdesk.

  2. Hoffman2 Cluster user accounts are single user IDs and are not to be shared. If sharing is detected, your account will be disabled.

  3. All accounts on the Hoffman2 Cluster are governed by a set of Security Policies, which include UCLA Policy 401: Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices and UCLA Policy 404: Protection of Electronically Stored Personal Information. Please read and familiarize yourself with these UCLA and Hoffman2 Cluster policies.

  4. Personal information and other sensitive data, including statutory, regulatory, and contractually protected data - for example, human subjects research, restricted research, student and educational data, and personal health information (PHI) - are prohibited on the Hoffman2 Cluster.

  5. You are expected to keep your contact information current for cluster-wide communication. To do so, please login to Grid Identity Manager and update your Hoffman2 identity profile.

If you have any questions, please open a new support ticket via our helpdesk