Requesting an account


As of December 2021, in order to access our web-based, account management system, the Grid Identity Manager (GIM), you will need to be connected to the campus VPN. Please note, campus VPN access is restricted to registered students and university employees with an active staff/faculty appointment. Here are instructions on how to install the campus VPN.


If you are using a computer on Mednet in the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) you may need to first connect to the campus VPN in order to reach GIM. If you still have an issue, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk.


In order to use the Hoffman2 Cluster, you will need to apply for a user account. All user accounts need to be sponsored by a UCLA faculty or researcher that qualifies under UCLA Policy 900 as a principal investigator.

We use a web-based account management application, Grid Identity Manager (GIM) for sponsor registration, user account requests, and to manage your Hoffman2 Cluster account. Please note, the GIM uses the UCLA Federated Authentication Service to authenticate access, therefore you need to have a UCLA Logon ID in order to access GIM. UCLA Logon ID is not a service of the IDRE Research Technology Group, if you have difficulty with it consider contacting the UCLA IT Support Center.

Applying for a user account

After acquiring a UCLA Logon ID you are ready to register as a user of the Hoffman2 Cluster provided that your academic advisor is already registered as a Hoffman2 Cluster Sponsor. Please note, each person is allowed only one Hoffman2 Cluster user account. If you require access to mulitple research groups, please submit a request to add/join a secondary group via our online helpdesk.


New users:

Should your academic advisor not be listed in the sponsor pull-down menu on the New User Registration web form, he or she will need to apply following directions given in Register as a Sponsor. If you are a UCLA faculty or researcher that qualifies under UCLA Policy 900 as a principal investigator, please register as a Hoffman2 Cluster sponsor first, before applying for a user account.

Who is eligible to become a Hoffman2 Cluster user

  • UCLA Faculty

  • UCLA Student

  • UCLA Staff


Cluster access can be authorized for people not affiliated with UCLA by written request from a Hoffman2 Cluster sponsor who has purchased nodes on the Hoffman2 Cluster to the IDRE Accounts Administrator.

Register as a Sponsor

There is no charge for being a sponsor or for sponsoring user accounts.


New Sponsors:

After becoming a Hoffman2 Cluster sponsor, please visit the Sponsor responsibilities page to learn more about your responsibility as a Hoffman2 Cluster sponsor.

Who is eligible to become a Hoffman2 Cluster Sponsor

  • UCLA faculty and researchers that qualify under UCLA Policy 900 as principal investigators.