Software installation

Installation requests

We are happy to install any open source software on the Hoffman2 Cluster if we can determine that it does not pose any threat to system security, and there is no technical problem in installing it. To request installation of open source software, please submit a ticket to our online helpdesk

We reserve the right to install or not to install any software based on the discretion of our staff. The overall goal is to preserve the performance, stability and maintainability of the cluster for all users.

We follow the following guidelines for deciding the location of the software installation:

In case the license does not allow the software to be installed in a common place, we will help users to install it in their home directories. In case the software is required by more than a single user but those users have a common sponsor (meaning they belong to the same primary group), we will encourage and help users to install the software within their home directories. We can help users configure permissions so that they can share the package within the same group. We can install the software in a common area if the disk requirements or some other valid reason is given along with the request. In case the software is required by at least two users who do not have share common sponsor (meaning they do not belong to the same primary group), we will install it in a common area.

Interactive applications

The Hoffman2 Cluster is a high performance computing environment designed for numerically intensive applications and as such is oriented primarily for batch computing. Therefore it does not have a lot of interactive applications which are more suitable to local environments. It is assumed that all users will have access to laptop or desktop computers for this purpose.

An exception is made in the case of licensed commercial software, especially those software applications that are useful for research and which have hefty license fees. Interactive licensed applications are made available as a means of providing these applications to campus users. UCLA faculty may purchases additional commercial licenses that may be limited to people belonging to their resource group.

When run interactively, applications must be run on nodes specifically designated for interactive use. This policy applies to software that users may install in their home directory, as well as software installed in common areas by IDRE staff.

Export controlled software

You must tell us if you intend to install export controlled software on any file system mounted on the Hoffman2 Cluster, including your home directory and/or purchased storage file systems. See Security Policy – Federal Export Controlled Software for more information.