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Recent Announcements

Parallel environments *thread* are deprecated

Starting 2020-03-19, all uses of the {2,3,4,..16}threads parallel environments, specified by the -pe option in qrsh or qsub, will be automatically replaced by the shared parallel environment at the submission time. See the use of shared in this page.

New default version of the Intel compiler

The default Intel compiler has been updated to version 18.0.4.
Code compiled with the previous default version (version 13) of the Intel compiler may need to recompile with the new compiler version.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please submit a ticket to our support site at: https://support.idre.ucla.edu/helpdesk.

MATLAB version R2019b with Total Academic Headcount is now available on Hoffman2

This installation of MATLAB under the Total Academic Headcount License supports access to the full suite of packages and virtually unlimited licenses.

ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution

ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution version R2019R3 is now available to the Hoffman2 user community.

IDRE Advanced Computing Classes

A number of advanced computing classes are scheduled for Fall 2018. For more information or to sign up, please go to: https://idre.ucla.edu/calendar. To visit UCLA’s one-stop portal for training classes and workshops offered around campus, please go to: workshops.idre.ucla.edu.

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