Faculty sponsor information and responsibilities

Sponsoring Hoffman2 users

All UCLA faculty are eligible to become Hoffman2 Cluster sponsors and can sponsor themselves and other UCLA faculty, staff or students for Hoffman2 Cluster accounts. There is no charge for being a sponsor or for sponsoring a user. User accounts on the Hoffman2 Cluster are free. All accounts on the Hoffman2 Cluster are governed by the Security Policy which includes UCLA Policy 401: Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices and UCLA Policy 404: Protection of Electronically Stored Personal Information.

Most of the communications to you for your sponsored users will be sent from accounts@idre.ucla.edu Therefore in order to get a quick service from us,

Please set your email client to accept or whitelist email from accounts@idre.ucla.edu

We expect you will:

  • Approve or disapprove your sponsored user’s association with you.
  • Approve or disapprove the purpose for which the user is requesting an account.
  • Supervise, to whatever extent you consider appropriate, your sponsored user’s use of Hoffman2 Cluster computational resources.
  • Respond promptly to emailed account related requests.
  • Tell us if any information in your profile (for example email address or status) changes.
  • Tell us if you no longer wish to sponsor a particular person’s account if the person is no longer associated with you, for example if he or she no longer works in your lab.
  • Tell us if a sponsored user of yours is no longer eligible to use computational resources, for example if a student graduates and leaves UCLA.
  • Notify us in writing if you wish to authorize someone else (e.g., your department’s administrative support person) to act on account requests.

We hope you will tell us if you have any account related problems or questions, so that we may address them in a timely manner. The email address for this purpose is accounts@idre.ucla.edu

Grid Identity Manager

We currently use the Grid Identity Manager (GIM), an in-house web-based application, to keep track of user and sponsor names, preferred email addresses, and associated computer account information such as Grid username, Hoffman2 Cluster userid and uid, Hoffman2 Cluster group name and group id, account renewal date and application status.

The Grid Identity Manager does not ask for or accept credit card information, UCLA student numbers, social security numbers, or other similar identity-related sensitive information.

The Grid Identity Manager uses the UCLA Federated Authentication Service to authenticate access, therefore you need to have a UCLA Logon ID in order to use Grid Identity Manager services, including making a request to become a faculty sponsor.

Automated requests to you from the Grid Identity Manager program will time out in 28 days if you have not responded, and the requested action will not occur. For example if an approval request for a new user’s account times out, then that account will not be created.

Here is a list of some of the most common Grid Identity Manager actions:

New User
You will receive an approval request for each person who initially applies for an account and selects you as their sponsor. Such requests typically come from your student advisees, or researchers working under your supervision.

Each year on or near the date of the original account application, the user (student or researcher) will receive a renewal notice. If he/she requests renewal, you will receive an approval request. If a user renews with a different sponsor, their group will be changed to that of the new sponsor.

If an account is not renewed, it expires. When an account has expired, the Accounts Administrator will contact you about the disposition of the account and its files. If you agree, the account will be disabled and the user will no longer be able to login or use Hoffman2 Cluster services.

An account which has been disabled for six months will be deleted. Both the account and all $HOME and $SCRATCH files owned by that account will be removed from the system.
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