Setting up Remote Rendering on Hoffman2’s GPU nodes

It is possible to harness the computing power of GPUs on the Hoffman2 cluster to render images while displaying the result on your local client. You will need to install a VNC viewer and, if coming from a Windows computer, Git BASH. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. install on your machine a vnc viewer, see:

  2. log onto hoffman2 to do so please use:
    • from a mac or linux computer the terminal application
    • from a windows computer Git Bash which can be installed from:
  3. at the Hoffman2 prompt issue:
    qrsh -l h_rt=2:00:00,gpu,P4
    (you can change the time and other settings in your qrsh command)
  4. when the interactive session is awarded issue the following commands:
    xauth add `cat /usr/local/etc/auth-for-gdm` 
    x11vnc -display :0
    also make note of the GPU node where it started (we assume here that the GPU node is g1)
  5. open a new terminal on your local machine (on windows please use Git Bash) and assuming that your interactive session started on g1 issue:
    ssh -f -N -L 5900:g1:5900 -L 5909:g1:5909 
    substitute g1 above with the actual node that you got via qrsh and YOURUSERNAME with your Hoffman2 user name.
  6. On your local computer now start vncviewer and set up a session with the following settings:
    VNC Server localhost:0
  7. Double click on the just created VNC session and a VNC window should appear.
  8. Look for your account name and log onto the cluster.
  9. You should be now logged on the g1 node (or whichever g node the qrsh had originally assigned to you) and you can go ahead and perform your rendering.

Last updated 2018DEC18

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