NoMachine Client

NX is a secure, compressed protocol for remote X Window System connections. You can use NX if you need to run graphical applications on Hoffman2 Cluster from a local Windows machine. NX is also suitable to run graphical applications on the Hoffman2 Cluster if connecting from any platform over a slow network.

December, 2016:  A new version of the NX server is running on the Hoffman2 Cluster. To take advantage of this updated version of the NX server, we recommend that you follow the steps below to reconfigure your NX client on your local computer. NOTE: Previously supported connections to no longer work. To connect via NX to the Hoffman2 Cluster, follow the configuration steps described below.

How to Download NoMachine Client for your operating system

A free NoMachine client is available from NoMachine for Windows, Mac OSX, and most Linux distributions.

Point your browser at
Follow the download links for your operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux Distributions)


  1. Double click on the downloaded package file that was downloaded.
  2. Click the Run/Install button.

The NoMachine Client Setup Wizard will start. The rest of this page presumes you have accepted all the setup defaults.


  1. Open the NoMachine client and continue to the connection page
  2. Click on the “New” link to create a connection to the Hoffman2 Cluster
  3. Specify the protocol: SSH and press “Continue”
  4. provide the host name (
  5. Leave the port field set to 22 and press the “Continue” button
  6. Select “Use the system login” and press the “Continue” button
  7. Select “Password” and press the “Continue” button
  8. Select “Don’t use a proxy” and press the “Continue” button
  9. Name your connection and press the “Done” button

Please notice that if you are planning to suspend and reconnect to an NX session, you will need to repeat the configuration steps described above for the hosts:



  1. Open the NoMachine client and continue to the connection page
  2. Click on the saved connection configured as shown above
  3. Enter your username and password and your NX session with a virtual desktop on the cluster will start

How to get a terminal window and shell prompt

After you have logged in to Hoffman2 and the gnome desktop is displayed, select:

Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal

NOTE: to pin the terminal to the panel right click on the Terminal menu item (from the System Tools pull down menu) and select “Add this launcher to panel”.

How to terminate your NX session

From the gnome desktop, select:

System -> Log Out login_id

A small window will open. Click the Log Out button.

How to suspend an NX session

Make note of the actual nx node where your session  (typically nx1 or nx2) to allow future reconnections. Terminate the NX client on your computer by either closing the application or closing the virtual desktop window.

How to reconnect to a suspended NX session

If you are planning to reconnect to a session make note of the actual nx node where your session is running (typically nx1 or nx2). Make sure to configure your NX client, as described above, for the nx node where your session is running. This means that you will have to create also a configuration using either or

Reconnecting to a suspended NX session is not always possible: lengthy computations should be run as batch jobs. We recommend terminating NX sessions (logout) instead of suspending them.

On fast networks a preferred alternative to NX is to run an X server (X11 packages for linux platforms, XQuartz for mac OSX, XMing and Xming fonts for Windows) on your platform, and connect to the cluster via a terminal (or via PuTTY on Windows platforms) setting up X11 forwarding.

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