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Instructional support

UCLA faculty members may request instructional support on the Hoffman2 Cluster. Please contact user support.

Guidelines for instructional accounts

  • Class accounts will get their own disk space, with a fixed size and defined expiration date when the space will be reclaimed and any files deleted. The class disk space will be under the /u/project/instructor hierarchy.
  • Students will sign themselves up for accounts and select their sponsor from the sponsor list at account creation time. They will have the same disk space quotas as any other user. This will allow us to use the Grid Identity Manager to manage accounts.
  • Student home directories will be named /u/home/u/username and will be private.
  • Classes which require a shared space for collaboration will have a directory called shared with group writable permissions and located at the top level of the project directory, i.e., /u/project/instructor/shared.
  • If there’s a need for large read-only datasets to be present, they will be owned by the instructor. The class disk space can be increased as much as required to accommodate the data.
  • Class accounts will be deactivated at the end of the academic quarter, unless prior arrangements have been made.
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