Getting Started

Who is eligible for an account on a cluster hosted by IDRE? Find out on the Security Policy page. All accounts on any cluster hosted by IDRE are governed by the Security Policy. Read it.

Click on “New User Registration” to apply for an account on a cluster hosted by IDRE.

NOTE: If you are using a computer on Mednet in DGSOM you will need to first connect to the campus BOL VPN in order to reach the account management server.

New User Registration <- Click Here!

When you click on this link, your session will be redirected to the UCLA Federated Authentication Service so that you can authenticate yourself as a member of the UCLA community. To do so you will need your UCLA Logon ID and password. If you do not have one, go to and get one now.

You will be asked to select a faculty sponsor for your new cluster account. If your sponsor is not included in the drop-down list of sponsors, he/she can register with the New Sponsor Registration link below.

This single registration will create a cluster account for you. Use your Cluster login ID and its password when you access a login node with a local SSH2 client program.

Your account on a cluster hosted by IDRE

Retrieve Your Initial Cluster Password
Retrieve your initial cluster password from our database. You will need to supply the answer for your secret question. If you have changed your cluster password, use the Forgot Your Cluster Password? link to reset it.
Forgot Your Cluster Password?
Submit a request for the sysadmin to reset your cluster password with a new, randomly generated, Initial Cluster Password.
How to Change your password or shell on a cluster hosted by IDRE
Command line scripts to change your password or change your shell. Information about shell-specific dot files. It is strongly recommended that you change your password as soon as possible for a new account.
Forgot Your Cluster login ID?
Receive a reminder of your cluster login ID via email.
Update your profile
Update your profile, such as email address or sponsor, or request your account be added to an additional group like gpu. The email address you enter will also be used by the respective cluster’s job scheduler to notify you about your job’s status.

Your Grid account

Forgot Your Grid Password?
Submit a request to reset your Grid password.
Forgot Your Grid Username?
Receive a reminder of your Grid username via email.

Faculty Sponsor information

New Sponsor Registration <- Click here to register as a sponsor.
All UCLA faculty are eligible to register to sponsor Hoffman2 Cluster users. For any other cluster or resource, please contact
Faculty Sponsor Information and Responsibilities
Information about becoming a faculty sponsor.
Instructional support
Information about short-term instructional support for class projects.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Accounts Administrator at

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